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Main Skills and Focus

Advanced Attribution Systems     -    Management and Sr leadership    -    Marketing Audit 

Planning Marketing/Growth Hacking Strategies

Media Buying     -    Paid Acquisition     -    Direct Response Campaigns     -    MVT & A/B Testing

CPA/CPI optimizations     -    Marketing Research & Set up

Attribution Metrics (Google Analytics, Kochava, TUNE, etc..)     -    LTV (Life Time Value) Modeling and structure     -    Retargeting & Remarketing     -    Facebook Ads    -    Pinterest Ads     -    Google Adwords and Google Display Network (GDN)    -    Twitter Ads    -    Snapchat Ads    -    Attribution Strategy and optimization    -    Projection and Exection    -    Social Media and Virality marketing  

Tapjoy and other App install (CPI) Platforms    -    Email Drip Campaigns/ Marketing